how we market your property

We take a proactive approach to marketing and giving your property the exposure that every property deserves. Times have changed and marketing your property is not as simple as putting a ‘For Rent’ sign up or putting a listing in your local newspaper. We’ve included our marketing strategy below and how it benefits you.

Street Ninety Nine

We market a community,
not just your property

We take the time to make ourselves familiar with the area your property is located in; we look for amenities such as nearby schools, restaurants, sports clubs and shopping centres and consider your target market.

We then market the community to prospective tenants; while tenants are obviously going to care about the features of your property, you also need to market your property in a way that they can picture themselves living there. We use this idea when writing compelling script to tell a story, rather than list a bunch of features.

Generating interest
before marketing

Every prospective tenant we meet is valuable; this is why we keep a database of prospective tenants including the types of properties they’re looking for in certain areas. When we’re about to put your property on the market, we’ll notify the tenants that are looking for the features your property has. This can help rent your property quicker, sometimes without having to advertise it at all!

Street Ninety Nine
Street Ninety Nine

Creating a spectacle
of our open homes

We take great pride in our open homes; after all, we believe there is absolutely no reason that a rental property can’t be given the same effort and exposure as a property for sale.

When we’re hosting an open home at your property, we include things like professional signage, flags and car signage to make sure everyone knows we’re there and ready to show them through!


While signage shouldn’t be the only method of advertising, it is still extremely effective; we include a large, digitally designed sign at the front of your property, considering its placement carefully.

Street Ninety Nine
Street Ninety Nine

Online advertising

Your property will be advertised on Australia’s largest real estate websites; we also promote our properties on various, popular social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Online advertising (including social media advertising) is one of the most effective forms of advertising amongst prospective tenants when looking for a rental property.

Professional photography
and floor plans

Naturally, there are hundreds of properties being advertised online at any time so it’s important to create a great first impression and make yours stand out. Rather than offer professional photography and floor plans as optional extras, we include them in your management fee! Floor plans are not common in the rental game, but they should be; it can be difficult to show the layout of a property through the photos and a floor plan can help a tenant determine their furniture arrangement by studying a floor plan before they walk through.

Street Ninety Nine
Street Ninety Nine

Social media

We increase your property’s exposure even further by advertising your property on various social media platforms. Social media has become an extremely effective marketing tool and something as simple as a quick video can have a huge impact.


We create individual, specially designed flyers for all of the properties we manage as well as suburb profile flyers. This helps to create a point of difference for your property; for example, a prospective tenant will often view multiple properties on a Saturday. If one of them is yours, you’ll want your property to stay fresh in their minds.

At our open home, each prospective tenant will be provided with your property flyer as well as a flyer for the area to leave an impression.

Street Ninety Nine
Street Ninety Nine


When it comes to showing your property, we understand that most people work during the week, therefore hosting an open home at 2pm on a Wednesday is usually pointless; we keep a close eye on the feedback we receive from prospective tenants to make sure we’re as flexible and accommodating as possible when it comes to conducting open homes on weekends and after hours.