tenant portal access

If you’ve rented before, chances are that you would have experienced the frustration of waiting a few days to be sent your rental ledger or not being kept up to date with that maintenance issue you reported a week ago.

Your tenant portal is a useful tool you can use at any stage in your tenancy so you know what’s going on. We’ve included a list below of what you can do:

  1. View your property and lease agreement information

    See things like what date your rent is paid to and when your rent is due next, your weekly rent amount, what date you moved in, when your lease agreement expires and how much bond is being held at the RTA.

  2. Log and monitor maintenance requests

    You can easily log maintenance issues via your tenant portal and include multiple photos. Once it’s submitted, you can track the progress of the job, including once it has been reported and assigned and who it was assigned to.

  3. Message your property manager directly

    By clicking on the ‘Message Agent’ button, you can send a message directly to your dedicated property manager.

  4. Download rent receipts

    Easily keep track of your payments by being able to access any of your rent receipts at any time.

  5. See important upcoming events

    Once your property manager has scheduled your next inspection, you’ll be notified and will be able to see this in your portal. You’ll not only be able to see when it is scheduled but also the type of inspection and who is attending.

  6. Log on anytime and anywhere

    You no longer have to wait for business hours to get the information you need. You can access your tenant portal at any time and on any device.
    log in to tenant portal

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