routine inspections
with street ninety nine

We want you to feel at home in your property; routine inspections can feel like an invasion of your privacy and we understand it’s not fun having your real estate agent walk through your home.

Routine inspections are a fundamental part of the residential property system and benefit both parties; rather than seeing inspections as an invasion of your privacy, think of it as us working with you to ensure your home is up to the standard it should be.

To avoid unnecessary stress in the lead-up to inspection time, we’ve put together some tips to help you prepare and know what to expect.

the purpose of routine inspections

Typically, rental inspections are carried out to make sure the property is well cared for and to check if there are any maintenance or health and safety issues that the landlord needs to know about.


By law, we’re only allowed to carry out routine inspections once every 3 months (unless it is
agreed otherwise in writing). As the tenant, you must provide reasonable access to allow us to carry out the inspections.

notice periods and timeframes

Sufficient notice must always be provided to you before a routine inspection; your landlord or real estate agent cannot simply turn up at your property and ask to inspect your home, or tell you they plan on conducting a routine inspection the next day with no notice prior.

The minimum notice period that you’re required to be given for the purpose of a routine inspection is 7 days’ notice, using an Entry Notice (RTA Form 9).

As we’re usually conducting multiple rental inspections on the same day we do yours, it can be hard to give a specific time we plan on being there. Usually, we’ll give you a two-hour window of when we will get there (e.g. entry to occur between 1-3pm).

Even though you’re more than welcome to be home during the inspection, it is not required; we’ll use our agency’s set of keys to gain access to your property and check any maintenance you may have reported prior to the inspection or on the maintenance request form. If you’d still prefer to be present for the inspection, you’ll need to make sure you arrange to be at home for the whole specified two-hour timeframe. Please keep in mind it can be challenging for us to reschedule your inspection (we usually book them in groups based on the area) but please contact us if there’s a major issue with your scheduled inspection and we’ll do what we can to work with you.

what we look for at a routine

At your inspection, we’ll usually check:

• That the property hasn’t been damaged in any way;

• That the property is being maintained in a clean and tidy condition

• That the grounds are being maintained in a clean and tidy condition (we look at things like mowing, weed removal and lawn watering);

• That no pets are living at the property unless prior approval has been given by the landlord and body corporate (if applicable);

• That there are no more people living in the home other than who is specified on the rental agreement as approved occupants;

• That any maintenance issues identified can be looked at.

Rental inspections are not a housework inspection or a test to see how tidy you keep your home. When we inspect your home, we’re only looking at the items mentioned above to make sure your home is being looked after, however, it is a good idea to clear away as much clutter as possible before the day of your inspection so we’re able to get in and check everything as efficiently and quickly as possible.

tips for preparing for your inspection

We’ve included a list below of what you can do prior to inspection day to ensure everything runs smoothly (meaning less stress for you!):

• Notify us if there has been a change to your phone number, email address or other
personal details. This will ensure we can get in touch with you quickly if need be during or after the inspection.

• If you have pets, keep them secured or have someone look after them away from the property during your inspection.

• Note down any repair or maintenance issues you’ve noticed leading up to the inspection and report them to us either on the maintenance request form we provide or online via your tenant portal. Any emergency repairs leading up to your inspection will need to be reported to us immediately.

• Clean off any marks on the walls and vacuum and mop floors.

• Refer to your Entry Condition Report and note any cracks that were reported on it. Make sure to bring these to our attention if any have gotten significantly worse so we can notify the landlord.

• If you have an air conditioning unit, take off the front casing and carefully take out and clean the filter.

• Give your oven and stove top a thorough clean; the cleaner these regularly are, the easier it will be to clean at the end of your tenancy where it will be most important in getting your bond back!

• Remove any oil marks from the rangehood, clean the filter and check the light is working.

• Remove any mould or built up residue in your bathroom

• Check for any dripping taps or leaks under the sinks

• Check all windows and doors to ensure they all open and close properly. Also, check the handles and locks.

• Mow the lawn, do some weeding and cut back any bushes (if need be)

• Sweep around the outside of your property and clear any cobwebs.

• Check gates and fences for any issues.

• Do some general dusting/cleaning and tidy up any clutter around your home.