ending your tenancy

tips for a hassle-free move

Everyone who’s ever moved before knows how painful and stressful it can be; it doesn’t get easier, no matter how many times you’ve done it either! Fortunately, if you’re considering a move, we’ve put together some tips and key things to remember to make it as hassle-free as possible!

  1. Make sure you’ve submitted the correct notice and amount of notice

    If you’re planning on vacating your property either just after or on your lease expiry date, you’ll need to submit a Notice of Intention to Leave (RTA Form 13) to our office. All tenants named on the lease must complete and sign this form, making sure to include contact details and a forwarding address.

    The minimum amount of notice you’re required to give according to legislation is 14 days. Remember to keep in mind that, if you intend on posting your notice, you will need to allow more time for the mail to arrive when working out your vacate date.

  2. Make yourself familiar with the cleaning checklist that will be provided to you and start packing

    Cleaning before you vacate is a considerable process and not as simple as a quick tidy up. Our cleaning checklist includes all of the items that should be given attention, however, some of the fundamentals include:

    • Carpets vacuumed and cleaned properly. The carpets must be brought back to their original condition at the start of your tenancy with the exemption of fair wear and tear. If you arrange to have the carpets professionally cleaned, you will need to provide a receipt.
    • Cleaning of the oven, cooktop and rangehood inside and outside.
    • All walls need to be lightly cleaned and all marks must be removed.

    Although you’re not required to do so, you can organise a bond cleaner to help you and we can recommend good cleaners if need be. This option is definitely worth considering to save yourself time, effort and stress. Good cleaners usually offer a guarantee on their work so, if anything is not up to standard when they’re finished, they will go back to fix it instead of you.

  3. Continue paying your rent

    You’re required to continue paying your rent right up until your agreed vacate date, regardless of whether you choose to remain living in the property until this date. It’s best to contact our office when handing in your notice so we can let you know how much rent you owe until your vacate date.

  4. Notify your utility providers

    Give your utility providers plenty of notice that you’re vacating so they can arrange final meter readings. Before arranging disconnection, we ask that you confirm the final inspection date with us so you can arrange your utilities to be disconnected shortly after. Having the power connected at your final inspection means we can check everything thoroughly. In the event that items need to be rectified after the final inspection, it makes it easier for yourself or the contractors to carry out the work if the power is still connected.

  5. Make sure all of your belongings have been removed from the property

    If you leave any personal belongings behind, you’ll have to arrange to collect them as soon as possible. If collection is not arranged and we can’t get in touch with you, some items may be disposed of or stored.

    You can still request to collect your items after we’ve put them in storage, however, you will be asked to pay the storage and removal fees which can be costly.

  6. Complete the Exit Condition Report

    The Exit Condition Report will be provided to you after you have given your notice of intention to leave. It is important to go through this report and fill it out, comparing it to your Entry Condition Report. If you can’t find your copy of the Entry Condition Report, you are welcome to request another copy from us.

  7. Getting your bond back

    If you’ve met all of the conditions on your lease agreement, there are no outstanding monies and you left your property in a reasonable condition, you should get the full amount of your bond back. It’s important to remember to:

    • Check the property against the original Entry Condition Report
    • Compare the property now to any photos taken at the start of your tenancy
    • Take photos when you leave

  8. Rectifying cleaning or repairs

    If the property is not up to the standard it should be after we’ve done the final inspection, we usually allow 24 hours for you to return to rectify the issues. We are often under time restraints with a new tenant waiting to move in shortly after, however, we may offer more time where possible. You won’t be permitted to keep the keys overnight as this could compromise the landlord’s insurance.

    If you’re unable to rectify the issues, we will arrange for our contractors to attend and the cost will be deducted from your bond.

Our aim is to ensure the property is clean and ready for new tenants to move in, with as little vacancy time as possible; we also want to work with you to ensure a smooth transition for you so you can get your bond back as soon as possible.

For more info regarding bond refunds, feel free to check out the RTA website.Street Ninety Nine - Ending Your Tenancy - Tips For A Hassle-free Move