street ninety nine’s
rent arrears process

the process

As a tenant, one of your responsibilities is to ensure your rent is always paid on time. Any rent arrears (no matter how significant) are recorded on your rental ledger which is viewed by other agencies when applying for a rental property and could hinder your ability to find another rental property. Even if you don’t plan on renting again in the future, any applications you make for finance (such as a personal loan or a home loan) may be affected as well.

We take rent arrears seriously and want to make sure our tenants do too, which is why we’ve put together our full rent arrears process from start to finish:

2-6 full days in arrears
You can expect to receive text messages, phone calls or emails from us each day. These messages/calls serve as courtesy warnings to you that your rent is late before it goes any further. We recommend not to ignore these warnings and get in touch with us as soon as possible.

7 full days in arrears – Breach notice
Once your rent is 7 full days in arrears, you will be issued with a Notice to Remedy Breach (RTA Form 11) and we are required by legislation to issue this notice at this point in the rent arrears process. From the date of issue, you have 7 full days to bring your rent back up to date.

Even if you pay the rent owing and remedy the breach, this breach notice will remain on your tenancy record; this is why it’s crucial to recognise the importance of paying your rent on time to avoid these notices being issued to you.

8-14 full days in arrears
After the breach notice is issued, we will be keeping in constant contact with you via text messages, phone calls and emails. It’s important to make sure you’re keeping the communication open during this time; we’re not contacting you everyday for fun or to harass you, we want to help to make sure your breach is remedied and it doesn’t proceed any further.

15 full days in arrears
By this time, if you don’t make the required payment to bring your rent back up to date, you will be issued with a Notice to Leave (RTA Form 12). From the date of issue, you have only 7 days to vacate the property.

16-22 full days in arrears
After the notice to leave is issued, we will still be keeping in constant contact with you via text messages, phone calls and emails to organise a time for you to vacate the property and return the keys. Again, it is important to be as open as possible with us during this time so we can try to help.

23+ full days in arrears
If you haven’t vacated the property by the expiry date on the Notice to Leave, we will proceed to QCAT (Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal) for a warrant of possession. Once a warrant of possession is put into place, you will only have a short amount of time to vacate the property before the police attend and forcibly evict you if necessary.

Obviously, this whole process is an unpleasant situation for everyone involved and not one that should be taken lightly. Therefore, it is crucial to keep yourself informed, keep the lines of communication open with us and make your rent payments your top priority. Street Ninety Nine - Rent Arrears Process